Officer Flamion

On July 8, 2016, Officer Flamion was shot in the neck during a routine traffic stop in Ballwin. His injuries left him paralyzed from the neck down. Michael has been in rehabilitation ever since and continues to work hard throughout his extensive therapy. He can maintain a conversation, eat solid food, and has even regained some movement in his shoulders. The Gary Sinise Foundation teamed up with Compass Design Build to build the Flamion family a specially adapted smart home in Ballwin, Missouri.

Universal design and smart home features of this home include voice activated features such as the ability to open doors, turn on lights and switch stations on the television/radio, as well as call for help. Other integrations include an open floor plan, a ceiling lift to assist with transferring Mike from his bed to the shower and wheelchair, wider doorways, zero entry thresholds, an office area where Michael can more easily work, and more beautiful amenities.

With the elegance and luxury look of a beautiful home intact, Mike and Sarah Flamion continue to sing the praises of Compass Design Build.